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A dynamic outsourced sales and marketing organization

GM Acquisition has been partnering with one of the largest and leading sales and marketing organizations in the Asia today. We are proud to work with a huge network of 2,500 independent contractors within more than 100 marketing companies in 9 countries.

To provide an equal integrated platform for entrepreneurs to cooperate and support each other,while upholding the integrity, sincerity, and loyalty of the Organisation. #gmfamily #TGO

To educate and improve the skill-set of our marketing teams that are capable of capturing growth opportunities under any possible situation, condition or circumstances for our clients to increase their market share and better their positioning.

Core Values

What We Do

We represent national and multinational companies from a wide spectrum of industries in delivering dynamic sales and marketing solutions through face-to-face communications with the public.

Human Commercial

Whether it is events marketing or business marketing, we are experts when it comes to communicating and reaching out to our customers face-to-face, on behalf of clients.

The Human Commercial™ ensures that individuals are engaged in two way conversations about their needs and requirements with the ability to make the choice that's right for them with the peace of mind they're talking with a fellow human being and not a smartphone application, website or automated call center. Our professional independent contractors are able to answer questions right there and then and explain the features and benefits of what the customer is buying.

Proactive Brand Awareness

We do not wait for our customers to reach us, we reach out to them.

We introduce the brand, and enhance the value of the brand we represent, by presenting face-to-face through the below-the-line method of advertising.

Great Career Advancement that is Performance Based.

You are the one who decides your future, your growth in this company is based on your performance and hard work. No one can take away your achievements, because it is solely your sheer determination and hours put in to achieve your targeted goal.

There is not seniority or superiority, if your performance reflects the work you’ve put in. Your growth in this company is a sealed deal. No one advances based on the duration they have been with us, rather based on their performance. Based on your performance, you are ensured with our company’s career advancement program at the speed of your choice. We are giving you the opportunity to create your own future while your efforts will pay off.

Why wait? JOIN US today to build your own career and take control of your life.

Managing Director
HR & Admin Executive
Team Leader

Support is Always Provided

We work very closely as a team, we are always ready to lend a hand to anyone who is willing to ask for help and is open to learning. We will coach you to reach your targeted goals, either by helping you create a realistic plan or by helping you throughout each stage of advancement.

Core Leader
Core Leader
Core Leader

Great Learning

There will not be a shortage of learning when you join GMA, we are constantly and consistently learning every day. We believe that learning is lifelong, and that everyone has something that they can teach or share with us.

The one guarantee you will learn is to build your confidence level. Upon joining us your confidence level will definitely skyrocket. This is because we ensure everyone steps out of their comfort zones and venture into avenues they would normally shy away from. We give recognition to people that have the smallest improvement because we understand that encouragement is crucial. We ensure every team members learn to build their confidence under a positive light and to pay it forward for the next person.

Sales: Communication, Presentation, Customer Service
Personal Development: Goal setting, Time Management, Financial Planning
People Management: Team building skills, HR skills, Critical Thinking, Strategic Planning.
Project Management: Operation, Finance, Administration, Recruitment, Logistics, Customer Service

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